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Case Study: Sensitive Skin

As parents, we always want to do what’s best for our children. Seeing them ill or in pain can be very distressing. All you want to do is hug them and make them better. But what do you do when the ‘conventional’ treatments aren’t working?

A very upset mum called Mark at Stay Well Clinic on behalf of her teenage daughter.

A Severe Skin Reaction

She had a nasty allergic reaction which caused her face, eyes and neck to swell and itch severely. The poor girl also had welts and her skin weeped, cracked and bled. It was a horrible experience for both mother and daughter.

“Everything that I knew to do didn't work, and as a mum that was a terrible place to be. I was feeling worried, very concerned and a bit desperate when conventional medicine didn't help either,” says the girl’s mum.

“Racking my brain for a solution, I remembered I had visited Stay Well Pharmacy once to purchase eczema cream many months before. When I was there I met Mark who was very helpful, and he said if I ever needed help with skin issues, just give him a call.”

Due to the urgent nature of her daughter’s condition, Mark arranged a time to meet at Stay Well Clinic outside of his normal consultation hours.

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Caring, Sensitive Consultation

“At this stage my daughter was in terrible pain and just beside herself emotionally, her skin had started to peel off her face and she was distressed. Mark was incredibly empathetic, kind and gentle. He acknowledged her condition and reassured her that there was something he could do to help. Mark was very respectful of my daughter and even asked her permission to come a bit closer to her to have a look,” says the girl’s mum.

“Because they hadn’t had time to fill out the normal pre-consultation questionnaire, we spent about an hour asking questions to get the best possible picture of her lifestyle and the factors influencing it. There’s no rushing this stage of the process, which is why we need more time than a standard GP appointment,” says Mark.

“Mark has a wonderful way of finding out the information that he needs through general conversation without a million and one questions. He shared his own personal experiences with us and built a connection with us,” says the daughter’s mum.

Mark’s consultation room at Stay Well Clinic is designed to make you feel safe and secure. With comfortable chairs and a view of a garden courtyard, it’s a calming space where you are able to talk about your health issues.Stay Well Clinic Merivale Christchurch consultation healthcare naturopath pharmacist

Customised Wellbeing Plan

Addressing these issues needed a complex treatment plan. For the first stage, Mark recommended an ointment for her skin to help reduce the pain and inflammation. Because he takes the time to understand his patient’s medical history, Mark was able to suggest a product that wouldn’t cause further reactions, and would assist with the healing process.

The second phase of the treatment plan was longer term, and involved healing the underlying causes for this reaction. Mark started a food elimination programme, and recommended a unique course of vitamins and supplements to boost skin health.

“Before we left, I looked at my daughter and her face was not as red and angry as when we arrived. Just knowing there was help available made such a big difference,” says the mum. “I would unreservedly recommend Mark to everyone, especially if you are feeling at the end of your tether with a health condition and don't know where to turn.”

After two and a half days, the mother reported that her daughter’s face was almost back to normal. The skin was no longer in welts, cracked or bleeding.

Contact Stay Well Clinic

Does your skin flare up with rashes, cracking or welts? Tried a range of skin care treatments, but nothing seems to work? Don’t wait until you reach the end of your tether. Make an appointment to see Mark at Stay Well Clinic, and invest in a customised treatment plan that gets to the heart of your healthcare issues.

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