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What Are Wholefood Supplements?

There are plenty of dieting, healthcare and nutritional trends. One we’re often asked about at Stay Well Clinic is Wholefood Supplements.

What Are Wholefood Supplements?

Wholefoods are pretty much what they sound like. Instead of adding synthetic nutrients made in a laboratory, wholefood supplements should be 100% concentrated and dehydrated foods.

The next time you’re buying multivitamins, check the label on the back of the container and see the list of ingredients. Wholefood supplements will list their food sources or say that they are 100% plant or animal based.

Are Wholefood Supplements Better For You?

Synthetic supplements aren’t necessarily bad. Although, we have to say that not all supplements are equal and it’s important you know what you’re buying and putting into your body.

Whatever you eat goes through your intestines and is digested. We know that some minerals and supplements are more easily digested than others, which means you may not need to consume as much for your body to get the benefits.

In many cases, synthetic supplements and multivitamins may be close to chemically identical to their wholefood counterparts. Even so, your body may absorb them differently. For example, at least one study has shown that natural or ‘wholefood’ vitamin E was absorbed into the body twice as effectively as its synthetic counterpart.

What Questions Should I Ask About Wholefoods?

Even if a label says ‘Wholefood Supplement,’ there are still questions you can ask to make sure that supplement is right for you:

  • Where are these products grown? How are they grown?
  • Are they exposed to pesticides and insecticides?
  • When were they picked and how were they processed? By that we mean, was anything done to them? Are they really Wholefoods, or do they also contain additives or preservatives?

If you’re not sure about any of these questions, we can help. Vitamins, minerals and supplements are all about filling the nutritional gaps most of us have in our diets. We may be feeling ok, but there is always room to feel better.

See Stay Well Man

At Stay Well Clinic, we believe in complete transparency around our health and wellbeing plans. You are your own chief physician and you should have the final say about any substance you’re putting into your body. That’s why we only recommend quality supplements from trusted suppliers, wholefood or otherwise.

If you want to know more about wholefood supplements and putting together a health and wellbeing plan so you stay well all year around, book a time to see Stay Well Man Mark Webster today.

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