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About Stay Well Man 

“Why do so many try to create a holistic picture of health, only using a few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle?” - Mark Webster

While working within New Zealand’s pharmaceutical industry Mark noticed some interesting trends. There are a few holistic pharmacies where people are encouraged to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle that keeps you well. There are also pharmacies that will fill your prescription or sell you medication that treats the symptoms, without identifying the underlying cause. He knew what kind of pharmacist he wanted to be.

Mark founded Stay Well Clinic in Christchurch to be a place that focused on ‘curing or preventing’ diseases, instead of just ‘managing’ them.

“People are always keen to get off whatever medicines they are taking, but that means creating a succession plan around your diet, lifestyle, nutrition and stress reduction so you continue to stay healthy,” says Mark.

Mark Webster's Story 

Early on, Mark figured out there was a connection between diet, lifestyle and wellbeing. As a child, he suffered from eczema and terrible asthma, all of which made school difficult. For years, he’d seen doctors who had prescribed pills and creams but nothing seemed to give long term relief.

After graduating from the Otago School of Pharmacy in 1990, Mark completed his internship in Christchurch, before working in a number of pharmacies around New Zealand and the UK. In 2001, Mark founded Stay Well Pharmacy because he wanted to be part of the small but growing trend of pharmacies dedicated to helping people stay healthy.

After joining ACNEM (Austrlian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) in 2005 and learning about the role of food in chronic conditions, Mark made some decisions about the food he was eating. After removing gluten from his diet Mark noticed after a few months that his eczema and asthma cleared right up.

Mark’s a firm believer in his own methods and approach. After being diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 39, he delayed his hip replacement by eight years by adding supplements like turmeric, fish oil and magnesium to his diet, as well as keeping up his karate regime.

When you start doing something different, it can take some time for others to catch on. Plus not everyone understands what it means to be a Naturopathic Pharmacist, Health Coach and Integrated Health Practitioner.

You also have to be sure that you’re getting solid advice from someone experienced, qualified, and has your best interests at heart.


How Can Mark Help?

Awards and Accolades

Stay Well Man Mark Webster BPharm., MPS., ABAAHP., FMNM. MSHS INTM.

Which means he has a Bachelor of Pharmacy, is a Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand, is a Diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Professionals, and a Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine.

In May 2019, Mark graduated with a Master of Health Science in Integrated Medicine from George Washington University via correspondence. It's all part of making sure his medical knowledge stays up to date.

On graduating, he was nominated for the 2019 Health Sciences Outstanding Student Awards for his excellence in academics, service, and leadership, and was also inducted into the Alpha Eta National Scholastic Society for the Allied Health Professions for graduating at the top of his class.

At the 2016 New Zealand Pharmacy Awards , Mark won “Good Sort” Community Pharmacist of the Year, and the award for Innovation in Delivering Care and Advice. He’s also won Best Complimentary Healthcare Campaign at the 2017 New Zealand Pharmacy Awards.  2018 was an incredible year for Mark who won a Kiwibank Local Hero medal in the New Zealander of the Year Awards, as well as being recognised as the Bioceuticals Best Integrative Pharmacy in Australasia.


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The Stay Well Consultation Process

 When you come to see Mark at Christchurch's Stay Well Clinic for a consultation, he’ll take a 360-degree approach to your healthcare. Mark may ask about your medication and any treatments you have already tried, your diet, sleep hygiene, current or historical health issues, lifestyle and exercise to put together a full picture of your wellbeing.

Every prescribed medicine has nutritional and biological consequences. Some are positive, and some are negative. The ultimate goal is working out a future focused approach to your wellbeing. Looking at how to maximise the effectiveness of your medicines, whilst working with your other health providers to ensure you have the best options for your future health. As your health coach, Mark may even be able to safely reduce the strength and duration of some of your medicine as required. As your health coach, Mark will create a co-ordinated and pragmatic approach, following up with you and listening to you at each stage of your journey.

How Can Stay Well Man Help?

The end result of all these awards, qualifications and years of experience mean Mark is your ideal health coach. He will confidentially listen to you, understand you, and come up with a customised wellness plan that’s centred around you. Want to know how Mark can help? Have a look at Stay Well Man’s list of treatments.


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