• Posted 15/12/2019 9:04pm

2020 Health Reset

December and Christmas can be a time of excess. You’ve worked hard all year, and we jump at the chance to enjoy ourselves. Some of us may eat a bit too much, drink a bit more than we would normally, or perhaps skip the little exercise we’d usually get in.

All of this is one matter if we’ve been consistently eating right, exercising and getting plenty of sleep up until this point. But have you come out the other side of the holiday period feeling more than a little regret? Do you have a nagging voice inside your head saying, “I feel fat. I feel unwell. I’m really stressed”? Stay Well Clinic has a solution.

Healthy New Years Resolutions

Have you tried making New Year's Resolutions in the past? The concept is great and the resolutions themselves are usually pretty good. How amazing would we look and feel if we actually stopped all the harmful habits we wanted to stop, and stuck with all the beneficial changes throughout the whole year?

The problem with most new year’s resolutions is a lack of follow through. For example, many start with a general statement like, “I want to lose weight.” So you make a well intentioned but nominal attempt to stop eating “junk food,” which is hard when it’s January and still being invited to BBQs and parties. But, you try being good and you stick at it for a few weeks, until you find yourself at a Waitangi Day BBQ eating sausages and chips while feeling just a little guilty.

Make Healthy Change This Year

Do you want to make real change and improve your health and wellbeing this year? Book a time to meet with me at Stay Well Clinic in Merivale. He’s the health coach your body has been craving.

First, I will listen to you to get a full picture of your medical background, as well as any issues you may be facing. Next, I’ll work with you to set realistic, measurable and achievable goals. For example, I’ll help you turn, “I want to lose weight,” into “I want to lose 5kg over the next 10 weeks.” Or, transforming the loose goal of “I want to eat healthier,” into “I’ve created a dietary plan that’s easy to follow and understand.”

Start With Healthy Goals

You may have a different picture of wellness in mind. Perhaps your goal for this year is to be able to reduce the amount of pain you live with day-to-day, or to lose the uncomfortable bloated feeling in your gut? I will ask questions and listen to you, to truly understand your experience and what well being looks like for you.

Sticking To Your Wellbeing Plan

One of the biggest reasons people don’t stick to New Years resolutions they make themselves is a lack of accountability and follow up. Does this sound familiar? You make a goal to eat healthier and lose weight. You stick to it for a week or so, but don’t see any real progress. There aren’t any consequences for when you eat junk food and skip exercise, so you lose focus.

Accountability and Follow Up

I genuinely care about your health and well-being, and I want to see you achieve your goals. I’ll provide the follow up you need to help you stay focussed, and encouragement if you don’t see immediate results right away. In addition to booking regular follow-up appointments, you can expect a mid-week text or email from me with words of support, or suggestions if your treatment plan isn’t working the way it should. Until February 1st 2020, you can have an initial consultation and follow-up for $195.

Make the best possible start to 2020 with someone committed to helping you achieve your health and wellbeing goals. Book a time with me at Stay Well Clinic in Merivale to start living well and staying well.


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