• Posted 16/03/2017 9:24am

Livaux Inside

We all know about 5 Plus A Day to stay healthy. That every day, we should be eating five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables. Sometimes, if we’re feeling unwell and want to get better, we need to take even more. But how?

What Are Prebiotics?

Some wholefood products contain all the goodness of fruit and vegetables, and let you get all the benefits without eating truckloads of fruit. Livaux is a golden kiwifruit wholefood product that contains prebiotics that allow the ‘good’ bacteria in your gut to thrive and grow.

Livaux is a natural, non-GMO prebiotic supplement proudly made in New Zealand. Studies show Livaux stimulates a strand of bacteria called Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (F. prau) to produce a protective product called butyrate, which maintains your intestinal lining and the protective qualities of your ‘good’ bacteria.

Butyrate is an anti-inflammatory, and plays a key role in combating conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It’s also used as an energy source for the cells lining your large intestine, promoting healthy digestion.

How To Consume More Prebiotics

So how can you get more Faecalibacterium prausnitzii into your system? Well that’s easier said than done. Unfortunately, oxygen kills it, so it’s not available as a probiotic supplement. The next best thing is a prebiotic like Livaux, which takes care of the F. prau already in your system, helping them thrive and multiply.

Clinical studies show people with conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Irritable Bowel Disease have low levels of F. prau and butyrate. Livaux doubled the amount of F. prau bacteria in patients with functional constipation, helping them restore balance to their gut bacteria. It also boosted butyrate levels which powers the other cells around your intestine.

Unless you’re making sure you’re taking plenty of prebiotics with your probiotics, you’re not getting the best bang for your buck. One option is to stock up on golden kiwifruit, eating bowl after bowl every day. Of course, kiwifruit isn’t always available year round, and can be difficult to store.


Solutions For Poor Gut Health

Your other option? Come in to Stay Well Pharmacy, and in a private consultation we can discuss if Livaux is a good option for you and your health issues.

Are you troubled by IBS or IBD? Do you often feel bloated after meals, even if you only eat a small amount? Book a time to see Mark Webster at Stay Well Pharmacy. Together in a private consultation, he’ll look at your diet and lifestyle, and see if prebiotics can make a difference for you and your family.

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