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Your Doctor and Your Health Coach

Some people still have questions around what Integrated Medicine is and isn’t. Some think it’s a “this or that” approach when it comes to healthcare. That if you seek integrative medical advice, that you’re against going to see a ‘regular doctor.’ That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Eugene Sia has been a doctor since 2003. He spent three years working in a hospital, and the last thirteen as a GP in a private medical clinic in Christchurch.

Working With Christchurch's Medical System

“Until nine years ago I considered myself a “mainstream doctor,” and didn’t pay any attention to “alternative medicines,” until I saw the value of adding nutritional supplements to my diet. This started me on a journey of looking into hormones and nutritional medicine, which is when I was referred to Mark Webster. He set me on a pathway that has changed my life, the lives of my family, and my patients in Christchurch for the better,” says Dr Eugene Sia.

Western medicine is very good at treating emergency and acute medical conditions. For example, if you've broken your arm, had a heart attack, or suffered a trauma accident and are bleeding.  Those same techniques are not as effective at treating the underlying causes of chronic or long-term conditions.

“Mark is so learned in this area, but more importantly, he’s willing to share this information with everyone if it means delivering a better standard of healthcare. As doctors, sometimes if we don’t know what the underlying problem is with a patient, we stop listening. After all, it’s upsetting when there is an issue we don’t understand or are not sure how to treat. Mark keeps going back to those patients, asking more questions and really listening to their answers to gain a deeper understanding of their holistic situation,” says Dr. Sia.

A Higher Standard Of Follow Up Care

“Mark listens to what we as doctors think, but also to what the patient is trying to say. He takes the time to understand patients on a deeper level, than us GPs are able to in a standard appointment. I like the way Mark cares about his patients, and the people I refer to him. He makes them feel comfortable and heard, that their health concerns are important to him,” he says.

When was the last time you heard from your doctor in between appointments? Not just a call about test results, but actually asking how you’re feeling?

“Once the appointment is over, Mark’s standard of follow-up care is second to none,” says Dr Eugene Sia. “He goes over and above, sending detailed emails of what they’ve discussed in their appointment, and advice for going forward. His primary concern is hoping they stick to their wellbeing plan so they get the best health outcomes possible.

Mark understands that with our health, there is not one magic bullet. So, in the days and weeks following an appointment with him, he sends emails, texts messages, or a quick phone call to offer encouragement and make sure the treatment plan they are on is working.”

Better Medical Cooperation

Mark and Dr Eugene know that working together, and appreciating each other’s strengths and areas of expertise is the best way of moving forward.

“Mark is primarily motivated by the best outcomes for patients. Personally, I have seen patients that have been living with chronic fatigue for years. After I was unable to treat their condition, I referred them to Mark Webster. Just three days later, those patients came back to me saying their lives are transformed. The fatigue and discomfort they had been living with was gone. What Mark is able to do, because of his knowledge, empathy and understanding, is remarkable, and I’ve witnessed many lives transformed because of him,” says Dr Eugene Sia.

Despite being ‘knocked back’ by some doctors who are unwilling to open their minds to the possibilities of integrative medicine, Mark continues to reach out and offer a helping hand. Dr. Sia admires and respects his ability to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

Integrated Medicine Improves Society

“Mark’s contribution to society is multiple fold, as the lives he transforms cause a ripple effect within society. One person no longer living with chronic pain is happier, more mobile and requires less care from their partner. Together, their physical and emotional well-being's improve, and they require less assistance from their family and neighbourhood. The overall mood of their community is raised higher, because Mark Webster took the time to understand what one person was going through, and provided them with the treatment they needed,” says Dr. Eugene Sia.

Do you want an integrative medical team working on your well-being? A health coach focused on your long-term health care? With Mark Webster cooperating with your regular GP, you get a 360 degree analysis of your health. Are you living with chronic pain, fatigue or long-term conditions? Book a time to see Mark Webster at Stay Well Clinic, helping you live well and stay well.

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